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  • News: one source for all social media news and information for insurance. You won't miss a thing!
  • Data: who's doing what, how many followers they are attracting, what initiatives are being launched.
  • Insight: find out how other insurers are thinking through regular interviews with key industry leaders.
  • Analysis: we believe in giving our opinions as well as the raw data. Leverage our expertise to guide you through your social media strategy. So you'll not only find out what is happening, but why, and if it is a good idea or not for you to follow suit
  • Consulting services: we can audit and consult on your current social media strategy

Some of the topics we'll be covering throughout the year include:

  • Facebook fan counts of the major insurers, updated frequently
  • The inside track on big fan increases – how did they do that?
  • Updates and news for the month
  • Creating dialog on Facebook
  • User ratings and reviews
  • Agency use of social media
  • Interviews with social media professionals
  • Use of blogs, with a monthly focus on an example in the industry
  • Twitter follower table, updated frequently
  • Using Twitter for customer service
  • Making advocates of your best customers
  • User ratings and reviews
  • Recruiting Facebook fans
  • Using LinkedIn to network and to promote products and services

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The guide to social media for insurers

How do you keep in touch with what other insurers are doing? What platforms are most important, how best are they utilized? Who can give expert advice on YOUR social media strategy?

We launched this Insurer's View of Social Media back in 2011 in response to a demand from people like you for objective and current data and analysis on a fast-changing environment.

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We have been tracking Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs, and other social media initiaitves for a few years now. What's more, we have been helping insurance organizations improve their online offerings since 2003. Our track record is second to none. We are specialists in this area and are already relied upon to be a definitive source of information about social media in insurance.